Vicki Zhao's Career Road

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Like other stars, vicki's private life is frequently in the public eye. Although she never expressed a strong dislike of the paparazzi, vicki has openly expressed her discomfort and frustration about rumors and the paparazzi during interviews. When asked about paparazzi she answered, "I'm already frequently exposed under the sun; this is my work, but what I cannot accept is they do things under the claim of reporting the truth, desperately digging for things that they perceive as inside information, they completely ignore other people's feelings, whether or not they've already destroyed a harmonious and happy family."

During a concert shortly after the photo appeared, Zhao was attacked and smeared with feces by Fu Shenghua, a construction worker whose grandparents were killed during Japan's wartime occupation of China. "I know what I did wasn't right," Fu told China's Da Gong magazine. "But I believe my cause was just ... As a famous Chinese person, she should have been aware of such an important event in Chinese history." For a time, the peccadillo reportedly cut in half her asking price for ad work. She still refuses to discuss the flag flap. For more dvd to ipad funs videos, use free software for ipad enjoy the latest report.Ok, enjoy the following more vicki’s setbacks trip.

The public forgave, or forgot. Lucky that it did, because now audiences will get to see her in Jade Goddess as An Xin, a policewoman who faces an unwanted pregnancy, friction at headquarters and an affair with a drug trafficker (Tse) whom she is assigned to hunt down. Zhao's performance must, and does, show the weight of these dilemmas as they threaten to crush her. The mood on the set was nearly as serious as that in the film, but Zhao says she respects the care Hui took with every element of production. "In the morning, when I'd come to the set, Ann would scrutinize my face and eyes to see if they were bright or dull. And she'd say, 'I can see you slept well last night.' She really understood the actors she was working with, as if we were precision instruments."

If only Zhao understood herself as well as her director does. Here she takes a stab: "Perhaps my most outstanding personal trait is my lack of outstanding personal traits. The characters I play have much more personality than I do. So maybe it's easier for me to slip into the various characters. Also, the parts I play are all very different. So in that sense my absence of persona is an advantage. But maybe one day I'll develop a strong personality and it'll give me a whole new kind of career."

No matter what happened in past time ,she have been enough courage to stand up again .Or maybe this probing actress should stop trying to define herself for herself. After all, her admirers can sum her up in one word: magic. Let’s give best wishes to this kind and beautiful girl. May god  be bless with her happiness!!!

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Vicki Zhao's Career Road

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Vicki Zhao's Career Road

This article was published on 2011/09/08