Tablet Battle: The iPad 2 Vs. Motorola Zoom

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The next generation of Apple's tablet PC, iPad 2 are waited by the rest of the world.Unveiled on March second, the iPad 2 features shows a lot of over its older brethren. Nevertheless it is yet to be seen if these improvements will be adequate to keep Apple's chunk of the tablet PC market intact. Back in 2010, the 1st iPad was a major hit with a worldwide sales around 14.8 million items. The first iPad was such a success with the estimated of 75% of the tablet Personal computer market are owned by Apple.

The iPad's commercial success nevertheless , has attracted many competitors. With so many firms joining the tablet bandwagon and building their own iPad killer version, many are keen to find out how the iPad 2 fares against the improving competition.

In this review we make a head-to-head comparison between iPad two and what many consider its strongest competitor to date, the Motorola Xoom.

The iPad 2 is fitted with Apple's dual-core 1GHz A5 chip, a big improvement from the prior iPad. The A5 chip claimed to be 10 times better graphical performance than the old iPad. We don't know for sure on the RAM size for the iPad two, but 512MB is a huge probability.

Motorola Xoom is kitted out with a 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 CPU. At 1GB of RAM, this chip along with the Android 3.0 OS and make the tablet to multi task effortlessly.Advantage - Xoom

The iPad 2 has the same 9.7-inch backlit-LED IPS display that may be found in iPad one which is wonderful because it remains the best in its class.The Xoom has a standard 10.1-inch TFT display. Excellent for browsing the net and watching films but does not offer the kinds of view positions we are used to in the iPad.Advantage -Apple iPad two

3. CameraOne of the largest flaws of the older iPad was the lack of a camera. Now iPad 2 has two cameras. The iPad 2's dual cameras are a 0.7-megapixel main camera with 720P movie capture capacity, and a secondary VGA camera that works fine if you'd like to use it for video calls.In this category, Xoom has a upper hand. With a formidable 5-megapixel main camera and are equipped with dual-LED flash and autofocus and a secondary 2-megapixel camera for video conferencing, the Xoom is certainly the winner here.Advantage - Motorola Xoom

4. Design and BuildWhen it comes to design and build quality you know Apple doesn't disillusion. IPad 2 looks and feel are simply amazing. The iPad 2 maybe are fifteen percent lighter and 33 p.c thinner than the original iPad, however the tablet are still build with top of the line materials.Because of it's slimmer design, iPad 2 now are more comfy to handle with the same solid feel.The Motorola Xoom is just as well constructed. The chassis is solid. It does however feel bulkier and heavier than the slim-built iPad 2. It is safe to say Apple tablet win this round.Advantage - Apple iPad two

5. Operating SystemThe iPad 2 is fitted out with the new iOs 4.3 which features better browser and web application performance.The Motorola Xoom comes with the Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" OS which boosts multi tasking capabilities and has made it more user-friendly.We feel that the Honeycomb OS gives the Xoom an advantage. The iOs 4.3 feels like its merely a minor tune-up for Apple.Advantage - Motorola Xoom

6. Connectivity
The Apple iPad two incorporates Wi-Fi a,b,g & n, and Bluetooth 2.1 capabilities with A2DP and EDR. It als has HDMI-output. Nonetheless it doesn't have a card reader, USB Port and MicroSD slot.The Motorola Xoom has the same capabilities as the iPad 2's but none of its shortcomings. The Xoom has MicroSD support, Micro USB port, HDMI-out, Wi-Fi a,b,g & n ( dual-band ) and Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP and EDR.Advantage - Motorola Xoom

Well the price of each tablet are engaging. The Apple iPad two has an introductory price of $499 for its base Wi-Fi unit.The Motorola Xoom's introductory price is $599 for its Wi-Fi only base unit.The iPad 2 price aren't anticipated by the other competitors. Advantage : Apple iPad two

Verdict : Out of seven classes, the Motorola Xoom bested the Apple iPad two in four. Feature and function sensible the Xoom is the better tablet. Nevertheless Apple shows a great pricing strategy, we would not be shocked that the iPad two will remain to be the best seller in tablet PC market ( yet again ).

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Tablet Battle: The iPad 2 Vs. Motorola Zoom

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This article was published on 2011/04/08