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In the contemporary world, iPad has become a hot cutie for most people. But how we can keep our iPads from danger is quite important. Fortunately, we have iPad protective cases to avoid these accidents happening.

iPads, and almost anything with a touch screen certainly are expensive these days. That's why it is important to protect the most used part of these devices: the screen. Regardless of how clean and scratch free you intend to keep it, accidents happen and fingerprints appear. Wrapsol aims to fix this problem with their variety of protective, shock absorbent screen and device covers. They provide clear, adhesive covers for all sorts of technological devices such as cameras, notebooks, iPods and many more.

The iPad protective cases came with a bit more stuff than the iPhone model. Not only was the case built to protect the front and back, but side pieces were also included, as well as a mister (which is used on your hands to avoid fingerprints). Also, the instructions for this product were much longer than those for the iPhone. However, the application process was just as frustrating as that of the iPhone, if not more.

Not only did the larger iPad protective case size cause even more bubbles, aligning it was much more difficult. Furthermore, the part of the product for the back was made so exact in terms of dimensions that it doesn't fit very well with the contours of the curved back of the iPad. In other words, large air bubbles were also present, and making the protector fit flush to the back and sides was near impossible, especially considering how sticky it was. The sides also were cut to the appropriate size, but they were simply too thin to be able to stay stuck to the sides through normal use for any decent amount of time. Well, the iPad Silicone Case will never have these disadvantages as what I mentioned above.

If you ask me, the most important part about the case for iPad would indeed be the side that goes over the screen. From there, I wouldn't even worry about the back and sides (which in fact, I didn't end up keeping on due to bubbles and annoyances). I would just put on the screen protector and then purchase a nice case for the rest. Not only would they protect it just as well in my opinion, they can also be more functional.

Basically, I'm not a fan of these sorts of iPad protective cases much at all. To me, they are too hard to apply and don't end up looking as seamless as in all the online and marketing photos. Simply purchasing a case and then being careful would be a better way to spend your money and time in my opinion.

Regardless of how I felt about these specific iPad protective cases, I think it's extremely hard to get any screen protector right. Making the correct balance between ease of application, quality of protector, and appearance requires a lot more work than many models on the market today have. I've found them all to be quite hard to apply despite how simple the directions may be. Perhaps I'm just bad at using them, but I just don't find them all that enjoyable.

I have set up my mind to get my iPad protective cases, what about you? I suggest you not hesitating to buy them for your iPads. It is much convenient to shop online, in topons, there are so many cases for us to choose, and you don't need to worry about the price and quality.

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Never Let iPad Protective Cases Go

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This article was published on 2010/09/25