Match a Defect by Selling your iPad!

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To be tech-savvy is great. You get to be the first to know the hottest and newest technological trends out there. I surf the net everyday and check out the freshest gadgets in the market. One time, I read David Martin’s blog posted on He said that the iPad 2 has recurrent display problems despite having it replaced a number of times over.

As an Apple fanatic, he bought an iPad 2 on the day of its release. But after a few days, he went back to the App Store complaining about a backlight bleeding defect on his gadget. According to an online encyclopedia, “backlight bleeding happens when light is not fully blocked causing some areas of the screen to be lighter especially on a dark or supposedly black LCD backgrounds.” Fortunately, Apple agreed to have his iPad 2 replaced with a new unit but of the same model. But despite this, the second iPad 2 unit exhibited the same backlight bleeding defect. David was clearly distraught.

For the third time, he would not want a replacement for his iPad 2. Though the Apple Store guy offered him a free Smart Cover, he refused because he already owned one. However, he decided to just keep his iPad 2.

In spite of Apple’s attempt to create faultless devices, consumers still report complaints over their products. David Martin even remarked, “Exchanges are a bad idea now. You will only waste your time. Any replacement could be worse than the original purchase.” And that’s the same thing that happened to customers complaining about both minor and major defects of their iPad 2. Some even had third to fifth replacements of the same model.

Whether you have read David Martin’s blog or not, there’s only one suggestion I could give you: and that is selling your iPad 2!

By Selling your iPad 2 at, you can now change your attitude towards a defective iPad that border on uselessness. Whether it’s backlight bleeding, dead pixels, or slow Wi-Fi connectivity, smile because you know what to do. And here’s the prize: A big amount of cash is waiting for you!

How is it done? All it takes is less than what you expect. A decent web connection can already get you started. And your defective iPad 2, of course. Log on to and be amazed of how fast and easy our business is. We make sure that selling your iPad 2 here will be a rewarding experience for you.

To start off, just indicate the model and condition your iPad 2 is in. Our easy to follow instructions require that you click the scroll down menu and choose the condition of your unit. Selling your iPad 2 at our website saves you the time of typing the required information on forms. It is so easy anyone can sell his iPad online. Say no to the hassle of promoting and selling! Say yes to oodles of benefits by selling your iPad 2, for good!

What do I get for it? The greatest aspect of’s services is in its quick answer to all online transactions. Do the first step. Click the ‘GET A QUOTE’ link, and see how much we are willing to offer you for your gadget. We help you make the smartest choice by selling your iPad 2. Indeed, selling your iPad 2 to us is the best decision there is.

Sell now and you don’t have to worry about the packaging costs! Fill in the shipping form and you are saved from the stress of sending the iPad to us. So many treats for just selling your iPad 2, huh?

How long will the online transaction take? Selling your iPad 2 at takes you under a minute to do everything. We provide you with four quick and easy steps to selling your iPad 2 online. 

What’s the next step? Pass the buck to us, and we gladly take it! We will send you a box. Put the iPad 2 in, and drop it at a UPS branch near you. Once it is with us, we will contact you and make some verification. If all lands into place, what comes after is the check sent to your mailing address or money transfer via PayPal. When selling your iPad 2, choose the site that gives you more benefits than what you pay for!

Again, thinking about selling your iPad 2? Do it at! 

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Match a Defect by Selling your iPad!

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Match a Defect by Selling your iPad!

This article was published on 2011/10/14