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iPad rivals
The Apple iPad has imprisoned many hearts and minds, but a fleet of rival tablets led by a separatist Android army is about to attack, armed with HD Flash video, multi touch screens, front-facing cameras, multitasking even with Windows 7.The five promising rivals of the Apple iPad are Samsung galaxy Tab, Toshiba Folio/Libretto W100, Dell Streak, View Sonic, BlackBerry.
Samsung Galaxy based on version 2.2 of Google's Android operating system. The device can also work as a phone and it is smaller and lighter than the iPad. It supports Flash 10.1, with 16GB to 32GB RAM, and flexible forward-facing camera in 3.2 and 1.2 mega pixels. The Samsung Galaxy will have access to Android Market of Applications soon.
Being one of the important manufactures, Dell does not want to leave the market and have introduced its latest Dell streak in the market. It is only five inches in measurement and a little bigger then a mobile phone. Dell Streak has a 1 GHz processor, a 16GB micro SD memory card and 5-megapixel digital camera on its back with a flash however lack support for flash.
Blackberry is the latest next generation device that can challenge iPad. Its features are still the same but improvements are more influential. Consumers are expected better performance and flexible usability from the device. The above lists are just a small fraction of iPad' rivals. Consumers are always given chances to select which of these devices are fit for their requirements and desires.. Nevertheless, iPad remains the favorite of most users.
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Ipad Rivals

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This article was published on 2010/10/19