iPad 2 AirPlay Mirroring - The Most Futuristic Feature

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Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. may be no more, but he will remain immortal through the innovative Apple gadgets that he has invented. He is definitely in league with the greatest inventors of his time. iPad 2 was his latest invention before his sad death. The various features provided by iPad 2 are most advanced till date. One of them is the AirPlay mirroring. AirPlay and Video Mirroring are two different applications on iPad. These two features embody the creativity and vision of the iPhone development team behind it. It is an age of science fiction, where our movie makers are racking their brains and searching / creating new visions. The Airplay and Video Mirroring are two such applications that are actual implementations of such dreamy visions. Therefore understanding the advantages of this great feature is really worthwhile as it will surely help you in your daily routine.

Video Mirroring

Whatever is present on the screen of your iPad is what you would see on your HDTV or any television or a projector. This feature is very useful in a variety of scenarios starting from your presentations at office to showing off photos and movies on your television to friends and family. Everybody loves to watch on a big screen to get a real life-like picture. The numerous apps on iPad could be put to good use provided you know to use them well. For instance, you could involve your grandparents in a game of car racing right on your screen where it is convenient for them to play. Or in cases where you have an audience to entertain, this app is highly useful.

There is a plug-in cord called the Digital AV adapter (which you have to buy separately) that has to be plug in. One end connects to the iPad and the other end has two ports. One port is the usual USB connector for charging and the other port connects to your television or projector via HDMI. Without the need to transfer any data, only the current contents of the iPad screen is transferred.


The Airplay feature is different feature of iPad2 but not totally different than Video Mirroring. Using this app one can stream continuously running data, from any of your iGadgets, onto your television and that too wirelessly. The iPad is a real marvel even though this feature requires the AppleTV to be connected in as the middle man. The AppleTV is small in size but is an entertainment biggie. Whatever it may be, movies, photos, games, work documents or anything that can be done on the iPad. The same can be transmitted wirelessly. Also music from your iPad can be transmitted to AirPlay enabled speakers. If your speakers are not AirPlay enabled then they can be connected to AirPort Express that enables AirPlay in speakers.

A Marvel

The AirPlay and Video Mirroring features of the iPad are definitely the most advanced features that can let us be the leader amongst the followers.

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iPad 2 AirPlay Mirroring - The Most Futuristic Feature

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iPad 2 AirPlay Mirroring - The Most Futuristic Feature

This article was published on 2011/10/18