How to Solve the Devices iBook Crash After Jailbreak iOS 5?

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"Steve Jobs biography" came out, you will purchase and which way to read this masterpiece it? If your answer is iBooks - and you are using the equipment has been completed iOS 5's escape, then it is likely that in reading this biography about the former CEO of Apple's iBooks collapse into a book when the trouble. (Note: At present, only not perfect jailbreak iOS 5.The hackers have been found a way to jailbreak ios5.But now they toll us don’t expect a release soon, But they will gonna work hard in it. This is a great news, is it? )

Since many users are complaining of this problem, we are here for everyone a reference solution. Man of few words said, directly into the tutorial: You can copy this on you computer. May be latter can help you.

Step one: Uninstall iBooks, and then again from the App Store to download and install them, but do not open

Step two: Open the iFile (Cydia application), then from the / var / mobile / Applications / iBooks Folder / paste to copy / Applications

Step 3: Click / Applications / / Info.plist property list editor, select, and then click CFBundleIdentifier, will to

Step four: exit iFile, refresh.

Step five: two iBooks icon appears, you need to remove the fillet iBooks, and leave the square of that one.

Note that, after these five steps then you will not be able to buy them from the iBook store, or transfer them in iTunes you have completed the purchase of books. You must manually synchronize the books to the device to read through the iBooks application.

It's a nice experience to use iPad to enjoy iBooks. When you have read all iBooks of your iPad and want to spare a space to update the iBooks of iPad, what will you do? Many people have to chose to delete the iBooks because they fail to copy iBooks from iPad to computer. Actually, if you have an iPad to Computer Transfer Program, it will not a problem for you from now on.

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How to Solve the Devices iBook Crash After Jailbreak iOS 5?

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How to Solve the Devices iBook Crash After Jailbreak iOS 5?

This article was published on 2011/11/24