3 Essential Ipad Apps For Photographers

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Of recent, iPads have become increasingly popular amongst many photographers. IPads have become very useful as compared to the past. They allow the photographer a chance to show of his photography to his clients very easily and conveniently. Scott Kelby mentioned that, during the Photoshop World, most of the photographers displayed their portfolios using ipads instead of printed books which was the norm in the past. Going by the fact that the iPad is a new technology that it has been in the market for a very short while, it was rather amazing to see the photographers embrace it that fast. Though, one may not have come across the ideal portfolio presentation yet, they are eight other iPad Apps that photographers should be informed about. This will give them much more information and better understanding of the most suitable app.
Photoshop Express

The Photoshop Express is owned by Adobe and can be described as a FREE basic image editor for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Other than just being a basic editor, it allows one to have access to online albums on Photoshop.com and show images that are not in actual sense on the device. One major advantage is that one can have the access to very many images without utilizing the space on the iPads inbuilt memory. The imported images can also be edited using the camera connection kit. Even the images received through email can be edited as well and then uploaded directly to Photoshop.com account, or they can instead be emailed and posted on facebook immediately from your iPad App.

Photoshop Express is highly recommended for quick corrections while the Filterstorm has stronger and more powerful editing power. Filterstorm is an iPad App that has very many editing features and actually keeps getting better and better with time. When looking at things like color balance, Noise reduction, Curves, Brush sizes, Clone Tool, Text Tool among others then the Filterstorm would be the best iPad App for you to use. The finished image can be sent through email or FTP.
Easy Release

A photographers career would most likely involve having to do Model and/or Property release forms. But, due to the iPad and iPhone Apps, carrying paper forms is no longer relevant. After reviewing some great release form apps, Easy Release can be ranked as the best one thats original to the iPad. Easy Release allows one to install a custom contract text. Using the device one can insert pictures of the model/property right and more so the model/property owner can sign on the screen and a PDF form can be emailed to the relevant people (model/property owner and you).
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3 Essential Ipad Apps For Photographers

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This article was published on 2011/01/18